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Reika Kudou DDT198 Forced Throat Fuck + Bonus Behind The Scenes Video (High Quality AVI)

Reika Kudou DDT198 Forced Throat Fuck + Bonus Behind The Scenes Video (High Quality AVI)

Vomiting… Reika Kudou is obsessed with it.
The secret of this gorgeous girl is now revealed. To projectile vomit while being throat-fucked is completely normal for her. A bowl filled with the piss of three men. She stares at it in a daze and watches as all that piss is transferred into an enema syringe and then injected into her mouth. She still she doesn’t look satisfied and is subjected to more throat-fucking. Piss dribbles from her mouth. She pushes her fingers down her throat and forces the rest out, tears streaming from her eyes at the shock of projectile vomiting all that urine. Up until now, no-one has ever witnessed me doing things like this. She breaks down in flood of tears; it’s such an emotional moment.
On the bondage chair, multiple orgasms are induced by fingers, an electric massager and a dildo, while her mouth receives a continuous stream of piss. She climaxes again, experiencing a massive jolt of ecstasy. During a hardcore sex scene she looks shy but also happy and satisfied. And the grotesque piss enema that her journey began with now seems like a distant memory.



Bonus: Behind The Scenes Video
This very rare behind the scenes video allows us a peep in what goes on behind the camera. Only by viewing the difficult situations can one fully appreciate the amount of effort and self-sacrifice these actresses have to make for their craft and our pleasure.




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